Gem Residences

Gem Residences is an exciting new condominium located in Toa Payoh. It has numerous facilities for luxury living. It even boasts a full suite of services to assist residents in daily life.

Services include: on-demand grocery delivery, housekeeping, laundry services, IT support, weekly medical clinics and much more!

Some of the facilities include: an outdoor teppanyaki grill, barbecue pavilions, a clubhouse to hold your functions and gathers (complete with cooking facilities), an Olympic-sized swimming pool, as well as fabulous views from sky terraces and rooftop spaces.

Gem residences is located in one of Singapore’s oldest estates – Toa Payoh. It was therefore designed to pay homage to its historical beginnings while envisioning itself as a home for modern living. Prepared to be amazed as you walk through an environment that blends its traditional roots with contemprary design such as long, flowing curtain walls against more traditional solid panels.

Address of show gallery: 31 Lorong 5, Toa Payoh, Singapore 310031


Free Wifi for Residents

You’ll always have connectivity anywhere in the estate, even when you’re lounging by the pool or watching your kids at the playground!

50m Lap Pool

This Olympic-sized pool is perfect for swimming enthusiasts, or for casual swimmers who just want to take a dip while lounging in the sun.

Outdoor Cooking Areas

There’s something about Alfresco dining that just makes the food taste better. Make your next celebration extra special by hosting your party at one of the eight cooking areas. Each has different features, so pick one that will suit your occasion and audience!

Tennis Court

Enjoy tennis with your friends and family and work up a sweat before meal time! You could even train your child to be the next Grand Slam Champion.

Fitness Station

Numerous outdoor stations await in various corners of the estate. Have an even jog around the estate then build those biceps at these outdoor fitness stations!

Urban farming & Edibles Garden

Singapore (or Toa Payoh at least) isn’t the most conducive for having a garden at home. That’s why Gem Residences features its own Edibles Garden right here in the estate! You can grow and pick the fruits of your labour and meet like minded neighbours at the same time.

Sky BBQ Trellis

What would it be like to have a BBQ party in the sky? Now you can enjoy the wonders of a rooftop view and the wind in your face while hosting your guests.

Kid’s waterplay & pool area

You’ll never have to worry about your kids or your guests’ kids getting bored. There is an awesome waterplay & pool area that will keep them thoroughly entertained.

Salt Water Jacuzzi

Need to sit back and relax after a hard workout? The Salt Water Jacuzzi will relax your muscles while providing amazing health benefits.


Gotta pump that iron to stay in shape! Now you don’t have to travel far or foot hefty gym fees because Gem Residences has one within the estate itself.

Gourmet Kitchen & Landscaped Clubhouse

This is perfect for family gatherings big or small.


On-demand Housekeeping & Laundry Service

This service is excellent for busy individuals who have to juggle work and family. Your laundry will be collected from and delivered to your doorstep so you don’t even have to think twice about it. If you need housekeeping services but can’t commit to a domestic helper, then Gem Residences’ Housekeeping services will be a handy alternative. That way you can maintain your privacy while keeping your home  in order!

On-demand Grocery Shopping & Delivery

We know how much everyday tasks can take away from your luxury condominium living. Now you don’t have to struggle with heavy grocery bags. Instead have all your groceries and essentials delivered straight to your doorstep!

On-demand IT support

Troubleshooting computer problems can be frustrating. So Gem Residences actually provides on-demand IT support so that you can put your mind at ease. With free WiFi around the estate, you don’t even have to lose connectivity while your issues are getting fixed!

Weekly On-site Medical Clinic

A medical clinic will make weekly appearances in the estate, so you can maintain your health and have your health queries answered without having to travel and queue!

On-demand Live Events Planning

If you’re a gregarious host, then you’ll know that parties while fun, are extremely difficult to plan for. That’s why Gem Residences has a service that will do the sourcing, decoration, food and music for you. All you have to provide is the vision.

On-demand Hotel & Airline Booking

If you travel a lot, spend your time with your loved ones rather than the hassle of booking and administration. Gem Residences concierge service will assist you in hunting for the right accommodation and travel options.

Aqua Zumba Lessons

As we get older, we have to undertake exercise that’s easier on our joints. That’s where Aqua Zumba comes in! You can now get your sweat on without the risk of injury.

Baking Demo

Baking Demos are organised at Gem Residences to help you create memories together with your children. You’ll have cakes and treats ready for the next party in no time!

Car Rental Scheme

Now you needn’t even own a car. Drive a new car every other day, only when you need it. Gem Residences’ pay-as-you-go car rental scheme will allow you to enjoy the benefits of owning a car, allowing you to take your family anywhere.

Swimming Lessons for Children

Water survival skills are essential and you can ensure your kids are fully equipped through structured training from experienced instructors. Residents can enjoy the first month of classes free, as well as preferred rates thereafter.


Near work and recreation areas

Gem Residences is located in the bustling suburb of Toa Payoh which enjoys a strategic placement where work and recreation meet. It’s located a mere 20-minutes drive from CBD (by private car), three trains stops from Orchard Road. You can also enjoy nature walks nearby, like at MacRitchie Reservoir.

Surrounded by amenities

Amenities are also in high supply with a public library, sports stadium, swimming complex, football and basketball courts, gym and shopping/eating options all within reach.

Home to offices and work areas

As if being close to the CBD was not enough, people living in Gem Residences may also have work options nearby. Specifically, you’re in luck if you’re an employee of the following companies, which all have a branch in Toa Payoh:

    • ST Microelectronics,
    • Royal Philips Electronics,
    • And the Housing and Development Board head quarters.

Transportation from Gem Residences

Gem Residences’s location in Toa Payoh is already ideal – it is only 20 minutes away from the CBD (and a mere 400m away from Bradell MRT). Orchard Road is only 3 stations away. On top of that, you have convenient access to a variety of transportation options. For example, you could catch a can from the condominium’s dedicated taxi waiting bay. Environmentally conscious? You can charge your electric car at one of the the car charging stations!

Some of the other transportation options that are available are as follows:

On-Demand Taxi & Limo Booking

Feeling a little posh? Gem Residences has you covered with a concierge service to attend to your requests and arrangements.

Multi-Storey Car Park

You won’t run out of parking space because the toa payoh condo offers a multi-storey carpark that will fit all residents cars!

Bicycle Parking Areas

If you’re into fitness, you can park your bicycles here. Imagine being able to cycle to and from your home at Gem Residences!

Car Rental Service

Perhaps you’d like to take public transport more often than not. However, on special occasions, you might want to rent a car. Well you’re in luck because Gem Residences offers their very own Car Rental Service.

Matured Network of Bus Routes

As one of Singapore’s oldest estates, Toa Payoh residents enjoy a sophisticated and reliable system of public bus routes and services. Gem Residences owners will not miss out!

EZ-Link Enabled Resident’s Pass

Now, you don’t have to use a separate resident’s pass. Just tie your EZ-Link to Gem Residences’ system and you’ll be able to use your public transportation card as your home pass!

Floor Plans

Sample Gem Residences Floor Plan

Gem Residences has spacious floor plans that will suit you at every point in your life journey. From 2 bedroom apartments for couples, up to 4 bedrooms and penthouses for larger groups of people. As you browse these Gem Residences floor plans, you’ll discover how thoughtfully each nook and cranny is designed – kitchens with open plans so that you can entertain guests, living rooms for work and play etc. 

Click here to see all Floor Plans



Designed with Luxury Living in Mind

The developers of Gem Residences had your luxury living in mind when they designed the project. They really spared no expense. The newest and greatest fittings are used in your kitchens and bathrooms for you to beam with price when you entertain guests. You can order ingredients for your next meal, gourmet catering and more conveniently.

The club kitchen concept: The club kitchen concept takes the Singaporean love for food and puts it in the home. The kitchen is located centrally in the home so that the family can enjoy a social space where they can prepare meals together and for entertaining guests.

A glass partition extending from floor to ceiling will retain a visual connection between the kitchen/dining space. However, roll that back and you’ll get a seamless flow between these two spaces, creating an even deeper connection between the preparation and meal time.

You’ll be able to go one further and access anything from events, exclusive reservations and everyday services, even while overseas. Some of the things you’ll enjoy as a resident include:


  • Kitchen Appliances from SMEG
  • Bathroom Fittings from Hansgrohe
  • Bathroom Wares from Laufen


  • Clubhouse with Multi-Purpose Rooms, Gourmet Kitchen, Steam Rooms, Changing Rooms
  • 50m Lap Pool
  • Rooftop Teppanyaki Dining Pavilion
  • Lush Landscapes
  • Spice, Herb, & Urban Farming Garden
  • Pet Pool, Pet Run & Pet Shower
  • 8 Outdoor Cooking Areas


  • On-Demand Concierge Service
  • On-Demand Live Events Ticket Booking
  • On-Demand Premium Goods Shopping

Love food? Gem Residences has got you covered

If you love food, then you’ll enjoy the services that Gem Residences has for foodies: There’s a service for every need: private chef, food delivery to your doorstep etc. If you’re more of a do-it-yourself cook, then you can enjoy the barbecue and cooking facilities located around the estate. Like organic food? Then you can enjoy the edible gardens and spice &herb gardens around the Gem Residences premises!

Check out all the food-related things you can enjoy when staying at Gem Residences!

  • Food Delivery
  • Grocery Shopping & Delivery
  • Dining Reservation – Locally & Internationally
  • Priority Access to Top Tables
  • Private Chefs / Private BBQ Cook
  • 8 Outdoor Cooking Areas
  • Rooftop Teppanyaki Dining Pavilion
  • Edible Gardens – Urban Farming
  • Spice & Herb Gardens
  • Clubhouse – Gourmet Kitchen
  • Scheduled Baking Demonstrations
  • Rooftop Sportbar & Grill Pavilion
  • House cleaning after the parties

Health and Fitness is a Priority

What’s wealth without good health? Gem Residences offers top notch sports and fitness facilities within the estate itself. You can take part in yoga & dance classes, work out at the indoor gym, or challenge your friends at the tennis courts and swimming pool.

After all that vigorous activity, you could relax by the pool at the sun bathing area and pool side patio. There are also jacuzzis for you to rest your tired muscles, or use the steam room to really feel refreshed.

A bit under the weather? Gem Residences has regularly scheduled clinics and doctors visits so that you need not travel out – we know how tiring and difficult that can be! With medical professionals on site, you needn’t worry about your health.

Here’s a full range of fitness facilities and classes available: